1. A One-In-A-Hundred Texas Roofing Company

    Rebuild Texas is passionate about the quality of service we provide. We are Texas roofing contractors through and through. What does that mean to us? It means we are committed to doing right by our customers, going above and beyond expectations in terms of both process and results. When it comes to materials used, attention to detail, industry knowledge, and being communicative with our customers,…Read More

  2. Interesting Facts about Roofs in Texas & Beyond!

    Whether it’s Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, or another Texas community that you call home, it’s quite possible that you’ve been mulling over a serious decision that all homeowners are faced with at some point or another. The question: to repair, or not to repair? Conversely, it’s whether you should go for a full-on roof replacement or try to save some money by getting by with your current ro…Read More

  3. Spring Roof Maintenance Tips in Texas

    When we say we are proud to be the premier roofing company in Texas, we can back it up with real value for our clients. Rebuild Texas is a roofing company that offers exceptional residential and commercial roofing services for folks near Dallas/Fort Worth and beyond. We are able to repair and install flat roofs, tile roofs, shingle roofs, and other kinds of roofs throughout the great state of Texa…Read More

  4. Texas Roof Maintenance Tips for Beginners

    Rebuild Texas is the go-to certified roofing contractor for a great number of Texas communities. With lifetime material and 50-year labor warranties, cities that include Colleyville, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Houston, Southlake, and Temple experience the wealth of benefits that come from choosing a top one percent roofing contractor in the entire nation, as confirmed by our CertainTeed Select…Read More

  5. Highlighting Our Roofing Services

    In our last post, we discussed ways that we separate ourselves from the pack here at Rebuild Texas. Whether your top criteria in selecting a Texas roofing contractor is price point, customer service, aesthetic value, or long-lasting durability, there is a lot to like about choosing Rebuild Texas. In that aforementioned post, we also took the opportunity to highlight how we have been selected as a …Read More

  6. What Sets Us Apart From Other Texas Roofing Companies

    We are proud to be the premier roofing company in Texas here at Rebuild Texas. Though we are primarily based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we provide our roofing services throughout Texas. From Colleyville to Grapevine to Houston to Southlake and Temple, we’ve got you covered with residential and commercial roofing services that will go above and beyond your expectations in terms of both proces…Read More

  7. Welcome To Rebuild Texas – Your Roofing Contractor Of Choice

    If you’ve been looking for a DFW roofing contractor worth their salt, we have some exciting news for you: your search has likely ended. We at Rebuild Texas are a top 1% roofing company, as evidenced by our CertainTeed ShingleMaster ranking. This title indicates the level of professionalism and craftsmanship that has been recognized by our own industry, as each and every roofing project we comple…Read More

  8. What to Consider Before Doing DIY Home Improvements

    America is a nation of do-it-yourselfers. You'll find the DIY spirit anywhere you look, from motorists changing their own oil to amateur web designers creating an online presence for their small business. This same spirit applies to home improvement projects, many of which are well within the reach of the average person. But achieving success in these endeavors requires knowing your limits. In thi…Read More

  9. Hazards of Roof Leaks

    Having a leak in your roof can sound more like an expensive inconvenience than anything else, but it’s important to note that a leaky roof can be hazardous to you and your family. there are several very serious hazards to having roof leaks. Having rain consistently penetrate your home’s most important physical barrier can do tremendous damage, and not just to your pocketbook. Mold Where there…Read More

  10. Calculating Return on Your Roof Investment

    As it relates to a home, the phrase “roof over your head” usually calls to mind thoughts of comfort, protection, and physical security. But it can also reflect another type of security—the financial kind. As long as a roof keeps rain out and isn’t riddled with holes from the latest hailstorm, let’s face it, the roof is often taken for granted. And nothing feels more like a punch to the g…Read More