We sure do! Kudos to all the kindred spirits that enjoy DIY projects but when it comes to roofing here’s some food for thought we hope you’ll seriously consider before you attempt to access your roof. Think about all the DIY shows you watch and how few feature any of the stars or homeowners actually repairing a roof. When it comes to roofing, there’s a very good reason why you rarely see anyone that’s not a qualified pro working on a roof.

The experts at DIY Network offer sage advice and strongly suggest that you should always call a professional roofing contractor for all roof inspections and repairs. The reason is because no roof is completely safe. Statistically the most serious injuries and deaths each year from DIY projects are falls from ladders and roofs. The risk of serious injury and fatalities unquestionably goes up when the height and pitch of the roof increases. Tall steep Texas roofs are extremely hazardous terrain even for professionals.

On the other hand homeowners, flippers and investors are often tempted to climb roofs on single story ranch homes. The reason all roofs are dangerous is that storms can loosen the ceramic granules on shingles and the hot Texas sun can cause oil to seep. While roofs are never completely safe, even low pitch roofs that may seem manageable often prove to be very dangerous due to loose, slick granules; it’s like trying to walk uphill with thousands of marbles underfoot on black ice.

Unless you have a deep understanding of modern roof systems, it’s very difficult to properly assess roof damaged.   When a well-meaning but inexperienced homeowner climbs a ladder to gain access to a damaged roof with the intent of performing a roof inspection, it’s somewhat akin to a shade tree mechanic that pops the hood on the car on a dark moonless night in the middle of the fast lane on I-35. In this case, curiosity can kill the cat. It’s just not worth the risk.

Please avoid the temptation and call us for a free, no obligation roof inspection. We’re local and often available the same day or the following day for an inspection. Please call us today to schedule a free, no obligation roof inspection.