1. metal roof myths

    5 Metal Roof Myths

      Durable, fire resistant, and low-maintenance, metal roofs can enhance the beauty and value of your home. However, many people have reservations about installing them, largely due to misconceptions and myths. Here, we’ll dispel five common metal roof myths. (more…)…Read More

  2. Roofing issues: Transference

    Ask Rebuild Texas Roofing and Construction "Part of my new roof looks stained or discolored. I see a streak that looks darker than the rest of the roof." There can be many reasons why your roofing shingles have discoloration, and some of these issues may be more alarming than others. Let's look at one frequent cause, called "transference.” While it is not a common term, "transference" is know…Read More

  3. Commercial Roofing Contractors Texas

    Commercial foam roofing

    Texas Commercial Foam Roofing Repairs Systems Rebuild Texas commercial roofing — including spray foam, industrial, metal and other roofing systems Contact us For Commercial Foam Roofing Repairs In Texas…Read More