1. Roof Evaluation

    How Do I Know if My Roof Needs to Be Evaluated?

    Your roof has an estimated lifespan, but it will only last that long if it’s properly maintained. Studies show that a roof that isn’t cared for as it should be will only last about half its expected life. Regular evaluations are important for keeping a roof in good shape. So how do you know when your roof needs to be evaluated? Look for these signs that indicate your roof is ready for an inspe…Read More

  2. The Storm was a Nightmare, the Repair Shouldn’t Be

    While the Wizard of Oz was set in Kansas, it could have just as easily been set in Texas or Oklahoma. Ask any Texas native about the weather and we all have a story about a spring storm that either damaged our home or a friend’s home. If you live in Texas long enough there is a good chance your home will be in the path of a storm that damages your roof. While you don’t have any control over th…Read More

  3. Roofing issues: Transference

    Ask Rebuild Texas Roofing and Construction "Part of my new roof looks stained or discolored. I see a streak that looks darker than the rest of the roof." There can be many reasons why your roofing shingles have discoloration, and some of these issues may be more alarming than others. Let's look at one frequent cause, called "transference.” While it is not a common term, "transference" is know…Read More