1. What to Consider Before Doing DIY Home Improvements

    America is a nation of do-it-yourselfers. You'll find the DIY spirit anywhere you look, from motorists changing their own oil to amateur web designers creating an online presence for their small business. This same spirit applies to home improvement projects, many of which are well within the reach of the average person. But achieving success in these endeavors requires knowing your limits. In thi…Read More

  2. Assessing Roof Damage

    Storms often bring heavy winds and hail that can tear up your roof, leaving cracks, bruising, flaking, and other types of damage. But how do you know if your roof has been damaged or not? (more…)…Read More

  3. Replacing Roof vs Overlay Roof

    Overlay Roof Pros and Cons

    When a Texas storm delivers a good pounding, there may be too much damage to your roof for it to be repaired. You may need a new roof. One option you have for roof replacement is to install an overlay roof. This is when the new roof is installed on top of the existing roof. The primary benefit of an overlay roof is to eliminate the costs of time and money used to tear away the old roof. With savin…Read More

  4. Roof Evaluation

    How Do I Know if My Roof Needs to Be Evaluated?

    Your roof has an estimated lifespan, but it will only last that long if it’s properly maintained. Studies show that a roof that isn’t cared for as it should be will only last about half its expected life. Regular evaluations are important for keeping a roof in good shape. So how do you know when your roof needs to be evaluated? Look for these signs that indicate your roof is ready for an inspe…Read More

  5. Ceiling Water Damage—What to Do When You Find It

    You’ve noticed an ugly, circular discoloration on the ceiling.  As you move closer to examine the ceiling, you hope it is just your eyes, or shadows cast by the lamp. But it’s real; it’s a water stain.  Now what?  Does this mean new drywall and insulation, tape/bed/texture, paint . . .  (more…)…Read More

  6. The Storm was a Nightmare, the Repair Shouldn’t Be

    While the Wizard of Oz was set in Kansas, it could have just as easily been set in Texas or Oklahoma. Ask any Texas native about the weather and we all have a story about a spring storm that either damaged our home or a friend’s home. If you live in Texas long enough there is a good chance your home will be in the path of a storm that damages your roof. While you don’t have any control over th…Read More

  7. How to Safely Inspect Your Roof

    Henry David Thoreau and Grandpa both preached self-reliance so like the experts at the DIY Network we encourage friends to tackle any number of projects around the house. DIY projects allow homeowners to often save money and provide a great sense of accomplishment; a job well done is priceless. On the other hand Henry David Thoreau was known for his commonsense and was also famous for saying, “B…Read More