Recommended preventive maintenance

Per the manufacturer’s warranty requirement for regular maintenance, Rebuild Texas recommends that preventive maintenance work is scheduled twice a year. Typically, this includes:

  • Visually inspecting the roof system and nearby surfaces:
    • membrane roof and flashings
    • metal counter-flashings
    • drip edges and coping caps
    • equipment enclosures and mounting hardware
    • adjoining stucco or wood masonry surfaces
    • sealant joints
  • Determining whether light power washing is needed to preserve the maximum energy savings of reflective, white roofs
  • Reporting the findings to the owner
  • Providing a proposal for any major repairs or power washing that might be required

Preventive Maintenance and Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Manufacturer warranties cover the cost of repairing active or reported leaks caused by materials and workmanship. However, warranties only oblige the manufacturer to repair leaks as they occur, and the how the repairs are done is not specified by the manufacturer. Repairs may or may not cover the cost of damages to the roofing materials. Also, warranties do not cover leaks that originate from nearby surfaces or damages from leaks that are left unattended.

Contact Rebuild Texas to determine the best way to keep your roof system in good working order.

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