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Insurance 101

  1. Your insurance company cannot raise your rates due to a “Natural Disaster” such as Hail Storm, Wind Storm, or Hurricane.
  2. You typically have less than 1 year to make your insurance company aware of possible damages and our roof inspections are free .
  3. The price of your roof is already determined based on a computer system that determines the Fair Market Value using supply and demand. The price changes slightly every month. The scope of work on your property/roof or what is to be done dictates what the price of your claim/roof.
  4. You are not required to get 3 estimates but you do have the right to choose the contractor of your choice and your deductible should be your only out of pocket cost for your new roof.
  5. You are entitled to 3 adjustments, since the first one may not be an accurate assessment of your roof and property.

Hail Damage 101

  1. Hail damage on your roof system is usually not visible from the ground and a roofing professional should inspect your home to check your home’s condition and save you from future out of pocket costs .
  2. Hail damage usually does not cause roof leaks for at least 1 to 2 years.
  3. The question to be asked is “Did the hail decrease the life expectancy of my roof?” We will help you determine the condition of your roof with our 100% No Obligation Free Roof Inspection.
  4. Collateral damages can usually be seen from the ground. I.E. spots on your fence, broken window beadings, broken windows, AC coil dings, carport dings, holes in your window screens, soft metals on your roofing system. We will inspect all of these items for you and give you a detailed assessment on your property.