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Installing Gutters Can Save You Money

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Ask Rebuild Texas, Informational Post

Gutters on your home are designed to capture water runoff from your roof and direct it away from your house. Although gutters are known for getting clogged, the thought of getting out a ladder and cleaning leaves and debris out from them may turn some people away from installing gutters. Nevertheless, they are a vital part of your home and can actually save you money. It all comes down to the effect that rain has on your home.

Rain, Soil, and Buildings

Most roof styles are designed to allow water from rain to flow down off the building. This is important since if water collects on your roof, it can lead to structural issues including leaks and water damage. However, when water runs off the roof, it spills down to the ground right outside your home’s foundation.

That’s bad. As the soil around your house soaks in the water from the roof, some of that moisture will inevitably get inside—no foundation is 100% moisture proof, and cracks will generally develop over time anyway. This moisture will stay inside your home and condense on various surfaces. Some of the condensation will be visible and harmless, such as on windows or furniture, but if it gets into the structural materials in the basement, attic, or walls, it can lead to water damage.

Reducing Water Damage with Gutters

This is where the gutter system comes in. Gutters will direct rainwater away from the home, meaning the soil doesn’t get as soaked in the rain, less moisture gets inside, and you have a lower chance of water damage, mildew, etc. This means you spend less money dehumidifying your house, making repairs to structural materials, and getting rid of mold. These repairs can get expensive, especially if a problem goes unnoticed for a long time, so it’s best to prevent them in the first place.

Installing Gutters

Gutters are actually very easy and inexpensive to maintain, and they can last for decades depending on the materials. To install a gutter system on your roof, contact Rebuild Texas Roof Pros.

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