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Roofing issues: Transference

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Ask Rebuild Texas, Commercial, Process, Residential

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“Part of my new roof looks stained or discolored. I see a streak that looks darker than the rest of the roof.”

There can be many reasons why your roofing shingles have discoloration, and some of these issues may be more alarming than others. Let’s look at one frequent cause, called “transference.”

While it is not a common term, “transference” is known by the top residential and commercial professionals in the roofing industry. Transference is nothing to be concerned about — it is very common and… it will go away.

The problem

The new shingles that make up your new roof travel a long journey before they arrive at your home and are installed on your house.

First, there is the manufacturing process. Second is transportation — which includes being shipped from the manufacturer to the distributor, then moved from the distributor to the house. And third, the shingles are carried from the homeowner’s driveway onto the roof to be installed.

Typically the new shingles go from manufacturing to installation within a 30-90 day period but that is not always the case due to supply and demand. We have seen situations where the roofing shingles were manufactured over a year before they were actually installed on a roof. This situation is typically where we see transference.

Transference is the accumulation of small amounts of oil residue from the bottom of a shingle onto the top of the shingle below it. Transference is typically seen in more than one shingle at a time because during manufacturing extra oil residue will get on a “run” of shingles that will consist of typically at least a bundle’s worth of shingles at a time.

Each bundle of shingles weighs from 50 to 100+ pounds, and a pallet of bundles can weigh thousands of pounds. The shingles on the bottom of a pallet have so much pressure from the shingles above that if there is an excess amount of oil residue on the above shingles, it will transfer to the top (granulated color side) of the shingles — causing what looks like a streak in the roof.

The fix

This streak is nothing to be alarmed about — and it will go away. Do not replace your shingles and keep calm! There are two main components that will fix your discoloration, if “transference” is really what you are seeing.

The fix is RAIN + SUN! Rain will wash the extra oil residue off the roof, and the sun will also “burn” excessive oil residue off your problem area.

How long will this take? Typically 3-8 weeks, depending on your climate as well as how much extra oil residue is on your particular shingles. If it does not start to fade within this time frame, then transference is probably not the issue and you may want to contact your roofer or manufacturer.

Note that if your roofer did not install your roof system to manufacturer requirements (proper ventilation, proper nailing, proper roof components, correct installation and so on) then your shingle warranty may be voided by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, most people do not know this until it is to late. That’s why we strongly encourage you to make sure you are using a factory trained and certified roofing installer. Do your research it could save you thousands in the future!

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