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Texas Craftsmen Roofing with Cloud Tools

by | Jan 7, 2015 | Blog

Grandpa made an honest living farming and swinging a hammer in the heartland and we were raised to be proud craftsmen. On top of being master craftsmen, we were also taught to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Being recognized in the top 1 percent of Texas roofing companies tells a story of a journey that’s focused on craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

Over the years we’ve developed industry leading and proven project management work flows that deliver exceptional results.   We’ve adopted and integrated advanced technologies such as cloud based software, satellite and drone imagery, along with mobile and social apps. Every step of your roofing project is followed, documented and approved within a user friendly customer portal.

Experienced construction project managers are always onsite and supervise each roofing project. Our modern technology tools provide the ability for onsite project leaders and managers to collaborate and update senior team members and all stake holders on each phase of the project.

During times of disaster recovery when we have multiple teams in the field helping storm victims rebuild, the cloud based mobile technology we use allows our senior leadership team to monitor each project. We always have the right teams and resources in place to complete each project with 100 percent customer satisfaction.

We start by setting the right expectations and communicating milestones during each phase of the project. Our recipe for success is proven. Our industry leading project management and workflows are repeated on every project.

Our goal is always to install a roof grandpa would be proud of and deliver a great customer experience throughout the project. The spirit of grandpa’s hammer and integrity combined with modern mobile tools allow us to deliver a roof and customer experience that make us a recognized Texas based roofing leader.

The spirit and craftsmanship of our elders resonate with our clients. Combining craftsmanship with mobile, social and cloud technology delivers a customer experience homeowners rave about. Please call us today and schedule a no obligation, free roof inspection. Just don’t be surprised when we show up with an iPad.

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